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Our team offers many rental decorations for all different event occasions! Whether your theme is Classic, Glamorous, Vintage, Romantic, Rustic, or Whimsical, we have what you are looking for!

You decide your style and we can supply you with the rentals!

We have Table Décor, Centerpieces, Lights, Backdrops, Props, Furniture, and Various Types of Wedding Décor!

Creative Inspiration 
From dream to reality, our team can bring to life any event with distinctive and original ideas, inspired by YOU! Our team has exclusive experience working with all types of decor, cafe lights, ceiling sweeps, backdrops, linen and centerpieces!

​The creative process happens like this:

  • 3 Hours of Exclusive Design Consultation 
  • Dream Board Inspired By YOU!
  • Referrals for Various Artistry

​​​​Advantage Events          

Inspiration & On-Site Collaboration    

Our most exclusive package includes our "Creative Inspiration", as well as our team will oversee the overall inspirational direction of all creative aspects of the event from start to finish. Our team will be on-site the day of the event to style and direct all of the distinctive details.

The creative process happens like this:

  • 3 Hours of Exclusive Design Consultation
  • Dream Board Inspired By YOU!
  • On-Site Style and Creative Direction of Event
  • Set-Up/Take-Down of Styled Décor

First 1/2 Hour Consult Free!

Our Events Speak For Themselves!

DIY Décor Coordination 

Already have your decorations and accessories? We know that setting up your special celebration can be quite the responsibility- and we love to help! On the day of your event, you can ensure that our exclusive team will make certain your vision comes to life. Pricing can vary depending on size, length of event and type of décor, so give us a call and let us deliver your dream event!

The coordination process happens like this:

  • ​​ 1 hour DIY Design/Coordination Consultation
  • ​Creative Direction Inspired by YOU!
  • ​Set- Up/ Take-Down of DIY Décor